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All Knights & Walker designs are created with practical applications in mind. The designs are mostly influenced by English traditional formats with creative ideas from our well experienced design team.

We welcome customer feedback on our designs, products and always ready to try out new concepts based on customer input.

About Our Leather
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Knights & Walker is an environmentally responsible brand that believes one way to reduce environmental impact of our civilization is to make products of high quality that last a life time. The more we make lower quality products as a civilisation, the more products we have to make, and more trash we have to deal with. We believe making and using products of very high quality which endure a lifetime, is a sure way of reducing use of energy, pollution and trash. Knights & Walker therefore strives to produce accessories that match the highest quality often provided by major world brands.


Our products are handmade to perfection by artisans with experience lasting many decades.  Right from the selection of the skin to the thread sequencing, trims, surface evenness, the edge finishing, all intricate details, are carefully undertaken by highly skilled craftsmen.

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